Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today is Thursday and I'd like to say I'm starting to get in the swing of things I know which bus stops to take and which ones are the right colored busses with corresponding numbers for me, that's a win.  Problem is as I realized today I am still in that transitional phase so when I get permanently placed in an apartment or house I will most likely need to relearn everything but atleast I'll be more familiar with the city by then.  So yesterday started some sort of police incoming for the city many new arrivals at the hostel, I think there's a festival this weekend for immigrants or something so they may want to beef up security however knowing my Spanish at this moment they could have just as easily told me the pope was coming to stroll around the plaza in his neat little car he rolls in...  Ok so my Spanish isn't that bad, actually I'm pretty comfortable most of the time but there have definitely been my fair share of deer in headlight moments.  This morning a woman was asking me who was using the office I was waiting outside of and I got to say "I don't know" and it actually applied and was the correct response to her question at that time, I'll take it.... She then asked me if I was from Sweden I guess I can't win em all but I'm still counting this as a victory.  Anywhoo yesterday was my first day at 'work' for two of my placements.  In the morning I met with pastor Ricardo in his office for a few hrs and went over logistics again for what I'll be doing this year ... with him as well as all that orientation in both countries as far as logistics go I think UPS could probably learn some things from me these days...  I digress... There was also a 30 minute segment when a woman came in with the desire to have her son baptized at the church it was very interesting to listen to as Ricardo let me sit in.  I found myself totally comprehending both parties but also found a lil ADD happening with my wandering eyes around his office. It felt like she was in a job interview for her son but not a tough job to get so that was good she passed with flying colors and Alexander will be baptized on September 22 I'm definitely gonna come watch although my favorite baptisms will always most likely be the ones performed by Pastor Tim Gamelin growing up.  It was like he was introducing a king and we were watching the human version of the lion king as he walked through the congregation with the baby held so high, never a dry eye in the house either.  After Ricardo's office I went back to the hostel for a lil lunch and nap... I'm not doing great with my budget but its tough cuz I'm not really supposed to use the kitchen so I usually go buy pre made things at the supermarket however once I get settled I'll be able to cook and save some money, maybe I'll have a Madagascar week to honor my chi town orientation roomies and crush a ton of rice, I do love me some rice,boy does that uncle Ben know what he's doing maybe today ill look for some Tio Juan or whatever the Spanish equivalent may be.  At 3ish Ricardo picked me up and we went to the mision Santiago apostel where I'll be doing a lot of my work.  The kids were just as excited to meet me as I was to meet them which was a great start however when u have 8-15 kids at a time clammering for your attention all going a mile a second in their native language which is not mine it's difficult to keep up.  I said si more times there than I have in a single setting ever.  A lot of the time it didn't apply but it was great.  They taught me how to make a paper boat which is way cooler than a paper plane because this bad boy floats. I'm going to try to recreate one later.  During this whole time Ricardo was talking with the other two ladies that work or help out there so it was me and about 25-30 kids ranging from 7-17 I was definitely thrown in the deep end to see if I could swim which is how I like to do things, as Devin says I'm such a "shoot from the hip" kinda guy also good thing I was a lifeguard, and am a strong swimmer.  After some get to know you stuff it became evident that when I go back without Ricardo on Friday I'm going to need to be firm and stern first for the few weeks otherwise I won't be able to accomplish anything this year cuz they will be runnin all over me.  After we had a marienda it was time to clean up and go home.... Some good old fashioned peace and quiet was a welcomed idea but it was not in the cards tonight.  I came back and chilled for about a half hour to forty five minutes and got to Skype Devin so that was nice. Even on tough days for her or me I love cracking wise and making her smile it gives me a sense of peace as well so I did that for a bit and then a thunderous wave of high pitched noise came rushing through the door like someone had announced bieber was just upstairs and ready to greet the 30 or so high school field hockey players who rushed in for dinner at the hostel.  It was loud and interesting to say the least they were all go go going and I think they thought I was someone a tad more spectacular than Tyler from the USA (though I am pretty great to toot my own horn a little bit) because I kept getting waved to a couple sneaky pictures were taken similar to the one I took of argentine rammathorn drinking a liter of cola and lots of giggles happened.  It was then I realized what a great purchase my skull candy noise canceling headphones were cuz those suckers drowned out everything.  I helped the people clean after the girls ran off like a whirlwind to the next of their teenage dreams.  And it was time for me to get some snooze time so a little here comes the boom and I was off to bed.  I woke up at 8 to get ready and walked over to the school where I am to wait for my meeting with a lady named Cristina do go over what I'll be helping her out with this year, the meetings at 9 and its 10:17 now no sign of her, but it's ok cuz I had time to ramble on and on for y'all's reading pleasure.  Today I'll wait a bit longer and then I have to go because I'm going on a field trip with the high schoolers this afternoon to watch them perform German dances and songs they prepared at a festive about 100 kilometers (no clue of the distance equivalent in miles) away which wil be an all day thing with what Ricardo called a schmorgesbord (I'll never spell that right ever tips welcomed) of European cuisine for dinner so here's to maybe a nice lager and a more chill day of observing before its off to the mission again tomorrow... So like I said I'm getting into the swing of things but its more like a rope swing into a freezing cold lake terrifying for every moment up until you let go and realize that it's exactly what u wanted it to be and maybe more.... Hasta

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  1. Sounds like you're really starting to get acquainted, babe! And thanks for the shout outs! You make me smile. Once you're settled in your place, everything will start to feel more normal, for sure. I did always think you looked Swedish. Must be the whole blonde hair, blue eyes thing. And if you do come across any Uncle Tio's, stock up! I'm expecting many dinners a la Chef Tigre when we get back. Maybe you could even make a SMORGASBORD of Argentinian cuisine. You're welcome ;)